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Payment Request

PO Disbursements

Payments for goods and services purchased through a Purchase Order are processed automatically. Unless requested, your Lab or Department will not received an invoice from the vendor for PO. In most cases, vendors will send the invoices directly to the Account Payable Office.

Non-PO Disbursements

  1. Invoice Payment: Upon receipt, all invoices must be submitted to the Account Payable Office for payment processing. Please include the following information on the invoice:

If the invoice has not space to write accounting and other required information for payment processing you must request payment through a Check Request Form.

  1. Check Request
Purpose: Check Requests are used to pay for goods and services that do not require the issuance of a purchase order. Click here to download a Check Request Form


    1. Preparation of a Check Request Form
    2. Required Approval
    3. Payment Processing and Distribution


Preparation of a Check Request Form: Please fill out the form completely and include the following information:

Several of the fields on this form are self-explanatory; those needing explanation are addressed below:
    1. Payee information: Include name and mailing address of payee. If payee is an individual who is acting as an independent contractor, include Social Security number or Tax ID number
    2. Payment distribution: If other than payee, provide the name of the individual within the dept/lab to whom payment is to be sent.
    3. Funding information: Record the proper activity/account category combination funding the charges for each item. Provide a brief description and amount for each charge.

    Note: For most labs, the assigned Lab Administrator is the one responsible for coding charges to the proper funding activities and account categories.

    1. Explanation of payment(s): Provide a detailed description for each item and attach to the form proper documentation to support the charges (i.e., vendor invoice, conference brochure, etc.)
    Note: Please make sure to include dated receipts when requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred during business meetings and meals. In case of a lost receipt, complete a Lost/Missing Receipt form to document the expenditure. When possible, request a duplicate of the missing receipt from the vendor and attach the duplicate to the Lost/Missing Receipt form. If the expense was paid with a credit card, attach also the credit card statement reflecting the charge.
    1. Requester's signature: Signature by the individual requesting payment is required before submitting the form for approval. If the Check Request form is being submitted for personal reimbursement, this signature is for the individual requesting the reimbursement. Requestor signature indicates that:
      • the information provided is correct
      • proper documentation is included
Required Approval: Submit the Check Request form or invoice to the following authorities for approval:
  1. Department/Lab authority: All payments require approval by the person responsible for the budget within the Dept/Lab.
  2. Grants Office: All payments charged to grant activities, sponsored program accounts, ILP's/MTA's and 06 lab activities require approval by the Grants Office. The Grants Office won't approve any Check Request forms/invoice without the proper authorized Dept/Lab signature.
  3. Business Office: All payments charged to administrative activities require review and approval by the Business Office.
  4. Note: The person requesting payment should retain a copy of the Check Request form/invoice before submitting it for approval.

Payment Processing and Distribution

  1. Processing: All approved Check Request forms/invoices must be submitted to Accounts Payable for payment processing at least 10 working days prior to the date payment is required. Check Request forms/invoices are normally forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office by either the Grants Office or Business Office staff responsible for their review and approval.
    • Payment will be issued within 10 working days of the receipt of approved invoices/check request forms.
    • Request for cash advances when traveling on Institute business will be issued not sooner than 7 days before the day of travel.

Note: The Accounts Payable Office won't process any Check Request forms/invoices without all required signatures.

    1. Check Distribution: Checks will be mailed directly to the payee, unless otherwise requested on the form.